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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Happy Halloween!

Good afternoon pagans! There are trick-or-treaters wandering the streets around my neighbourhood as I type. I just saw a really bad ghost. Not a naughty ghost. Just a really bad ghost costume. Wish I could take my camera out and capture some action, but alas, editing calls! Just thought I’d post this shot from the […]

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Farren + Matt

Did you ever see the film clip to Sarah Blasko’s Planet New Year? During my uni days I used to watch it over and over…the art director basically created my perfect world – all kingswoods and bad brick buildings and op-shops. A throw back to more simpler times. It reminds me of childhood. I grew up in […]

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Love is(n’t) all you need.

I just read this blog post by Jonas Peterson. It made me think of a brilliant piece from Adam Vincent’s stand-up show about when he and his wife were getting ready to tie the knot… I’m wildly paraphrasing, but the basic gist is ”Why can’t weddings be two people in the forest. One says ”I love you”, the other […]

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Diana + Theo – Sneak Peak

When I was little, I really loved drawing. I would spend hours trying to perfect the tiniest details, and I even remember staying back, alone in the classroom during lunch hour in year one (year one!) until my teacher finally insisted I had to stop being Ken Done (it was Queensland, in the 80′s, bright colours were BIG) and go and […]

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Sally + Carlo

Sally and Carlo’s wedding this Friday marks the beginning of our super duper crazy season (which doesn’t look like slowing down until next April!).  But their pre wedding shoot today was anything but hectic, rather just a gorgeous, calm moment spent in the sun, down at Port Melbourne beach.  And we simply can’t wait to […]

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