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Aimee + Luke

Today I am wearing a nautical jumper – perhaps a subconscious choice because I knew we were posting Aimee and Luke’s wedding!

We’ve done all kinds of weddings – wineries, farms, gardens and backyards, but we’d never shot anything anywhere near a boat. Aimee and Luke love their sailing, and initially had planned to get married in the St Kilda Botanical Gardens and then SAIL INTO THEIR RECEPTION at the Stokehouse. Can you imagine?! Unfortunately a massive storm was brewing on the day they were married, and so instead we shot down at the Marina where their boat is docked, which for Katie and I (not big sailers…so far) was such a highlight. There’s something so different about the lighting, colours and feel of boats bobbing in the sea and salty air that goes so perfectly with a wedding. Just amazing.

And then there was Aimee and Luke – the funnest, giggliest, most gorgeous couple. I don’t usually talk about bride’s looks, but Aimee was absolutely luminous (and yes, I did ask how she got her skin to look that good – exfoliation is where all dreams lie, ladies!) and Luke in his suit and bow tie…what an absolute knock out.

We were so thrilled to be involved in this amazing day, with its diverse locations, diverse weather and wedding speeches from parents that made us think “Ah, THAT’S why you have kids…”

Love Katie & Sarah xo