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Alice + Chris

Never, in the history of weddings, has there been such a hilariously relaxed bride as Alice.

It is the funniest thing in the world when you sit down with a bride a couple of weeks out from the wedding who genuinely has little idea, nor real care, about wedding protocol. Every two seconds the three of us erupted in giggles as we would ask Alice questions about her wedding and her responses would come back “Do people do that?” or “I haven’t thought about it” or “I’m not sure, I’ll just see what happens on the day”. What an awesome attitude to take with you into your wedding – low expectations are the key to all happiness, I’m starting to learn!

At our second meeting before the wedding we met the lovely Chris who was just as relaxed and hilarious. I remember we laughed a lot and exchanged photos of our animals (their dog, my cat) but again, not much wedding talk.

To arrive at a wedding and not really know what you’re walking into is so refreshing! This was a wedding we giggled our way through with everyone – from food loving babies to sharp-as-a-tack grandparents – after photographing Alice’s grandmother several times during the sweet afternoon reception she turned to me and said “I feel like Julia Gillard only without the red hair or big nose!”

Well, we certainly know where the beautiful Alice gets her looks from, then!

Love Katie & Sarah xo

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