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Carly + Drew’s Mornington Wedding

Thinking back now, I didn’t realise how much this wedding was going to mean to me. It wasn’t the warm summer morning, the stunning location or the super awesome bridesmaids dresses, although all three were excellent…

It was the people.

It was seeing the bride’s blended families coming back together, the siblings, the half siblings, the steps and the partners all being together in the one room. They were happy. Being a part of a blended family myself, I know full well the pain and the joy that this type of family unit can bring. And maybe in some way it made me feel like if we have enough love in our lives, it can all turn out fine.

It was also the first in a long time, that the couple, on their own wedding day amongst the chaos, the tears and crazy laughter (mainly from Carly), asked me about my life. Was I in love? Married? Do I have kids? They didn’t care that it was ‘their day’. They turned it into ‘our day’. So in the car on the way to take some portraits, we just became three friends talking about love, relationships and heartache. Suddenly I wasn’t their just wedding photographer, but someone who could help tell a part of their story while telling a part of mine too.

Once all their portraits were done and we all arrived at the local pub for a little after party, Drew’s mum sat me down and wanted to know everything about me. Where I had travelled, who I loved, my passion of photography, and the crazy property prices in Melbourne. She sat me down and gave me life advice about raising children, where the good schools were and at the end of it, told me I was going to be fine.

It was something I didn’t know I needed.

Just a stranger holding my hand and telling me things about the world and that everything was going to be fine.

Everything is going to be fine.

Love Katie xo