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Cat + Ash’s Daylesford Elopement

There is nothing quite like being a witness to an elopement. Cat + Ash’s ceremony was the second of its kind that we photographed in 2011 and we simply can’t wait to do more. So note to all prospective elopers out there – please invite us along!  This time, the ceremony was so intimate that I was asked to double as a witness and sign their marriage certificate!

It was held at the amazing Daylesford Convent, an hour and a half out of Melbourne, on a sunny Tuesday morning. It was such a peaceful ceremony, and so hushed that the sound of my shoes on the hardwood floors echoed throughout the chapel and I ended up walking on my tippy toes. And then, just like that, they were married. No big cakes to cut or guest books to sign.

Just two people in love on a sunny Tuesday morning.

Love Katie xo

  • […] Cat and Ash eloped in Australia. Here, Cat tells their sweet story… Why did you decide to elope? We were both reluctant about being in the spotlight. There was also real excitement in eloping and creating that memory for just the two of us. Were there any funny parts of the day that you hadn’t expected? We wanted to have lunch in the country town where we got married. But the day passed by like a dream and we weren’t keeping track of time, so we were too late for lunch, and too early for dinner. We were both starving so we ate some fries in the car—our first meal as husband and wife! We laughed so much. What was one of your favorite parts of your wedding? My sister and nine-year-old niece picked my bouquet—and they didn’t even know! I had always wanted them to be part of my wedding but since we were eloping, I had to be tricky. I’m a jeweler, so I asked them to pick some beach grass (we call them “bunny tails” in my family—I don’t actually know what the proper name is!) for a project I was doing. Then one of my best friends, who trained as a florist, put them together for me. So I felt the bouquet was full of love and friendship and I was carrying them with me. How did you tell your family? We phoned our immediate family after the ceremony, but no one was answering their phones! So I called my brother, who lives in the UK, where it was the middle of the night—at least I knew he’d be home asleep in bed! We did get to everyone eventually. Our whole family was super excited. When we rang my parents, I could hear my mom dancing around the kitchen in happiness, announcing it to the dog. What about telling your friends? We posted a cryptic photo of this Scrabble board on Facebook, and it was fun to read all the delighted and shocked messages from friends the next day. […]ReplyCancel