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Diana & Theo

Have you ever been to a morning wedding? There’s something incredibly special about them, I’ve decided! Katie and I have shot three early bird ceremonies in the past few weeks (one together, which we’ll be posting later in the week, and this one which I shot solo).

I always thought it would be a mad rush to have everyone organised and out the door before most people would normally even be awake on a weekend, but it turns out it’s all kinds of incredible! Basically you start your day with a massive hit of love and then rejoice til the sun goes down. (It also gives you a great excuse to have an alcoholic beverage before midday if you’re into that kind of thing…)

Diana and Theo chose the St Kilda Botanical Gardens as their ceremony site (perhaps the lovliest I’ve ever seen it, all lush and green with roses in full bloom) and then we popped down the road to The Stokehouse for lunch. My favourite part of the day? Diana’s mum figured that with a morning ceremony, everybody would be in dire need of some pastries and coffee, and so Hart’s Coffee Cart was called in to provide a caffeine hit for guests (and I know it was good because I could actually hear guests raving about the barrista’s mad coffee skills). Such a great idea, don’t you think?!

There were just so many great moments from Diana and Theo’s day I had trouble narrowing down this post, but these are my favourites.

Hope you like them!

Sarah xo