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Eileen + Ben’s Stones of the Yarra Valley Wedding

Brace yourselves for one gorgeous couple and possibly the most extraordinary wedding dress we’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting!

When Eileen told us she’d designed her own dress, we could have never guessed which direction her design had taken. As she was getting ready on the big day, Katie and I were both struck by her (perfect) casual ponytail and smouldering makeup. I remember saying something like “Wow, love the non-traditional bridal makeup” and Eileen said something like “You’ll get it when you see the dress”.

Well, the dress came out of its bag and I don’t think our mouths stayed shut for the rest of the day. We were absolutely gobsmacked!!! It was SO perfect, SO stunning, and SO Eileen.

When we think of this wedding we just think…golden! The sun was out in force, the day was unseasonably warm, and everything from the light to the dress was…well, you’ll see…

Love Katie & Sarah xo

PS – cute groomsmen alert.

PPS – Eileen’s dress was featured on our favourite blog A Cup Of Jo here.