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Ellen + Roland’s Sault Wedding

Here is a little slice of Provence for your Friday afternoon viewing pleasure. Well, kind of. It’s actually Daylesford (but why not pretend along and consider it a mini-break for the long weekend?!).

Ellen and Roland’s wedding knocked our socks off.

Katie and I are both from a performing arts background (we met studying theatre at uni) and I think because of that, we naturally look for the storyline of a day and all the various subplots that will shape the images we capture. So much is revealed to us at a wedding. A lot of the time guests chatter away and reveal interesting bits and bobs to us. We listen out for clues in the speeches. Then there’s always an uncle who takes us aside and gives us a thorough family history. I love that by the end of the night we feel like we really know a couple. I love that we are in love with their love. I love that we want good things for them because when you get to know people, you can’t help but care about them.

What we loved about Ellen and Roland’s wedding was how much was revealed to us.

The speeches, my God. If I type any of it here I will be crying like a crazy lady. These speeches were just so profound. Ellen’s family welcomed Roland into their family with an ancient greeting they’ve passed down since the beginning of time. Katie and I were like “OH MY GOD WE NEED SECRET FAMILY GREETINGS!”. How unbelievably amazing is that?!

Ellen’s father revealed how his little girl was so ill as a wee baby they weren’t sure that her wedding day would come. (Ok, it’s official, I am crying like a crazy lady).

And there were frangipanni’s scattered around the family photos from Ellen’s late grandfather’s frangipani tree. Her mother told us she was so close with her grandfather as a little girl, they were practically joined at the hip. One of Ellen’s relatives was willing the flowers on to bloom in time for the wedding, and even though it was slightly out of season, unbelievably they did.

Things like this just make it for us.

THEN there was the big reveal when everyone hit the dance floor. EVERYONE at the wedding had the performer’s gene. Roland started dancing like Michael Jackson and his friends all followed suit. We were like “What is going on?! Why are you all such amazing dancers?!!” turns out our Roland was a Triple Threat at CPCA, and so were pretty much all his pals. Then when the parents hit the dance floor we saw where all the talent had trickled down from.

Just such an amazing wedding, and we really hope it kicks your long weekend off to a great start. Katie and I are off to Macedon tomorrow for a sweet and simple little wedding and I can’t wait to play some road trip tunes and drive to the country!

For now, I’m off to drink some Friday pear ciders!

Love Katie & Sarah xo