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Emma + Sergei

Emma and Sergei met and fell in love whilst working and travelling the globe together as…

…international spies.

No, really.

In fact, when we first got an email from Emma asking us to photograph her big day she couldn’t tell us ANYTHING. No real names, no clear details on the wedding…she simply said “I’ll tell you everything when we meet up”.

Katie and I didn’t quite know what to expect. I had a small hunch we were being lured to photograph the wedding of an organised crime boss’s daughter, and the even more irrational part of me thought it might be Hamish Blake’s manager scoping out some wedding photographer options on his behalf.

We organised a top secret meeting in a top secret location in top secret suburban Melbourne, and that’s when we finally got the full run down on these two and their incredible tales of international espionage, illegal border crossings, kidnapping attempts and lost dreams of careers on Broadway. Somewhere in the middle of this, they fell in love and managed to organise one of the most bang up weddings we’ve ever photographed.

We’re not sure where in the world these two are now. We’re not even sure if they were really going on honeymoon or on more spy adventures. But if anyone sees them around, could you let them know their wedding photos are ready for pickup?

Love Katie & Sarah xo