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Farren + Matt

Did you ever see the film clip to Sarah Blasko’s Planet New Year? During my uni days I used to watch it over and over…the art director basically created my perfect world – all kingswoods and bad brick buildings and op-shops. A throw back to more simpler times. It reminds me of childhood.

I grew up in the country and whenever I go back and visit I think how amazing it would be do to a shoot there. Parts of it are like time has stood still. Not all couples share my love for this kind of aesthetic, but when Farren and Matt turned up for our shoot, I knew we could pull this off.

These shots weren’t taken in my home town. They were shot in the Yarra Ranges, predominantly Selby and Emerald. In a couple of weeks Farren and Matt will be married, and you simply won’t believe what a surprise you’re in for.

Until then…

Love Katie & Sarah xo