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Gabby + Julio’s Fijian Wedding

I only just got off the plane from Fiji last night, and already I just had to post these two photos from the gorgeous wedding of Julio + Gabby. These were actually taken the day after the wedding because the water was so warm and the sunset was to die for, so I couldn’t resist getting them back down to the water for a few more shots. But the actual wedding day was beautiful. The sun was hot (a little too hot for a select few guests who were in three piece suits!) the champagne was cold and a definite highlight was seeing the couple put on traditional Fijian garb at the end of the night to dance the ‘Meke’ with twenty of the locals.

When all was said and done at the end of the night, everyone donned their bathers and met up for a swim in the hotel’s amazing pool.

I think I just might do only these types of weddings from now on.

Love Katie xo