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Isobel + Ed’s Surrey Garden Party Wedding

Hello from sunny and beautiful St Ives!

I’m currently writing this from a bedroom high up in a former sea captain’s house, with Justin snoring softly beside me and the waves gently lapping against the beach below. I am almost able to completely overlook the snoring, because Cornwall is just so gosh darn picture perfect. I’m not sure what you know about this place (all I knew about were Cornish Pasties?!), but there are teeny tiny roads that twist and turn through naturally formed tree arches, honesty boxes selling sea shells and signs for Cornish Cream Teas and all things clotted cream at every turn. Today we walked past a paddock and the Jersey cows were lying down (lying down!) eating grass and there were BUNNIES HOPPING PAST THEM. It was like a really corny children’s book illustration – but it’s real! Unsurprisingly Enid Blyton, The Darling Buds of May and Queen’s ‘Seaside Rendezvous’ have suddenly taken on a higher meaning. I feel like the Magic Faraway Tree could pop out at any moment as Ma and Pa Larkin tootle by in their Rolls Royce and then we’ll all intuitively launch into a rendition of “Oh I do like to be beside the seaside…”

Anyway! We came to the UK in early September for two family weddings. First up, Justin’s delightful cousin Isobel married her gorgeous Ed at the family home in Surrey last weekend.

I’m not even sure where to start with this wedding…How can you possibly measure the love and the family bonding that comes about when scores of people all pitch in and bring a wedding day together? From the time we arrived, there wasn’t a single moment where crafting, setting up, feeding, and organising duties weren’t being undertaken by at least twenty odd people, even including children! Our nieces kept us sustained with freshly picked blackberries from the surrounding field, and every time I looked up they were delivering cups of hot tea to whoever had turned up.

In two days, we watched the entire thing grow before our eyes…a friend of the couple’s made at least fifty trips into the nearby woods to fetch branches for a magnificent archway he constructed from scratch, Isobel’s dad made magnificent bauble and ribbon trees and had to deny himself the Pimm’s the rest of us were drinking to make sure he didn’t fall off any ladders before the big day (the discipline!) and it goes without saying that Isobel’s mum is now qualified to feed the entire British Army.

Something so so special happened to us all. Friends became family. The family became a community. I think we built a perfect wedding snow globe and it is actually heartbreaking to leave it all behind. But we have the photos!

This is a bit of a different post, since its a family wedding. You’ll see anything from tennis matches to people making things, but it would feel incomplete not include some of these moments as they truly tell the story of our wedding ‘community’ and therefore Isobel and Ed’s amazing day!

Hope the love shines through,

Love Sarah xo

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