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Jackie + Timmy

Occasionally we get emails from couples, and its as if a small dose of magic has been deposited in our inbox.

Sometimes it’s the style the email is written in. Sometimes it’s what a person has said about their connection to our photos. Something just tells us …we would be a match made in heaven.

With Jackie and Timmy, we literally read their names and I think Katie called me and said “Oh my God, did you see that email from the couple called Jackie and Timmy? We HAVE to shoot their wedding”.

From their names.

We met up shortly after and soon realised we’d actually shot their friend’s wedding last year (remember this?) and had a few other friends in common.

At our meeting, Timmy regaled us with his proposal story. Jackie was climbing up a tree at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Trentham, when Timmy thought “Well, she’s up…I’m down…this seems like the perfect time to ask her to marry me!” (Haven’t we had some winning stories on the blog this week?!)

The only catch was Timmy didn’t have a ring. All he had was a loaf of bread from the local bakery (might we add, it’s a really good bakery) and so while Jackie was up the tree, and Timmy was down on the ground, he proposed using the loaf of bread as his offering.

Is that not the most romantic thing you have ever heard in your life?  

What you’re about to see is a rainy day wedding with sun, all rolled into one. Just as soon as everyone was told to go inside because of rain, the sun would come out again and all the guests would pile back outside. Then it would start raining again…then…

This must have happened about three times before finally, the delightful (read: rockstar) celebrant, Jon Von Goes, took a small window of sunny opportunity and ran with it, so that Jackie and Timmy could be married under the same tree in which Timmy proposed with his loaf of bread.

When I got married, I was looking back on wedding photos of my own family (some of the weddings were as far back as the 1800’s) and a thought hit me like a tonne of bricks: “The photos we take will one day be held in someone’s hands, just like you’re doing now. Hundreds of years in the future, the creative decisions you and Katie make on a wedding day might be the pieces of a puzzle that fit together to tell the story of where that person came from”.

We keep that thought with us at every single wedding. Once we realised that, it changed everything.

So despite the rain, the sun, the rain and the sun, it didn’t matter a bit. All we were thinking was…

How do we tell the story of the boy who proposed with a loaf of bread to his bride up a tree in Trentham…?

Love Katie & Sarah xo

PS – keep an eye out for Jackie’s stunning Gwendolynne Burkin dress, and custom Richard Nylon headpiece, which the designer himself has named ‘The Jackie’ after this beautiful, beautiful bride.