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Kate + Luke’s Jack Rabbit Winery Wedding

Firstly, have you heard of the Bellarine Peninsula? If you’re like me (from Queensland) then it might not be a place that’s on your radar (yet). When Kate and Luke contacted us to shoot their big day nearly a year ago the “Bellarine Peninsula” seemed a million years away. Now we wish we could go there every weekend! It’s a place where vineyards stretch from hillsides all the way down to the beach…and no matter which direction you fix your eyes, there is always spectacular scenery there to greet them. It kind of reminded me of Cape Cod – all quaint  seaside with weather vanes and bleached timber and sea grass all around, except within a 2 hour radius of Melbourne. How lucky are we?!

Secondly, we had such a treat working with Kate and Luke. Kate is the cutest, giggliest, tiniest little lady and Luke is just. plain. gorgeous. We spent the day laughing our heads off at Kate and her bridesmaid’s impressions of their local yacht club members, debating with Kate’s gorgeous folks whether it had indeed been Richie Benaud that I’d accidentally stalked (photographically) while on honeymoon in France, and wishing every wedding had some seaside winery component with a ribbon banner hanging up behind us at all times.

Everything was so cool, calm and collected. It felt like we’d rocked up to Kate’s house on a normal weekend and there just happened to be a wedding on. Never at any point was there a sense of rushing or nerves or pressure. I spoke to Kate’s dad for a good long while about retirees spending habits while he sipped a beer and asked me about photography and my recent trip to Provence. He was in shorts and a t-shirt, like he was about to pop down to the shops at any moment. Kate’s mum made Katie and I cups of coffee (like, proper ones). We hung out in the back garden with Kate’s bridesmaids and discussed the merits of buying cosmetics online as opposed to in-store. It felt like we were just hanging out with friends. Except Kate was wearing a veil…

We really hope you enjoy this wedding, we’ve had some utterly beautiful couples/venues/locations recently and are so pleased with what we’re getting to show you!!!

Please keep checking back with us this week. We have some really exciting news to share with you which we can hopefully reveal shortly!

Love Katie & Sarah xo

PS – the ribbon background is our new Happy Snap Shack backdrop – Kate & Luke granted it to us (and all our future couples) who want the photo booth option!


  • The Panda

    Congratulations on a fantastic bunch of photos! You’ve managed to exceed my expectations with how well these photos would turn out. The professionalism and attention to detail is truly exceptional.
    Plus your moves on the dance floor while taking photos on the day was truly a sight to behold! Well done!ReplyCancel

  • Kate Scorpo

    Katie and Sarah,

    you two are THE BEST! Luke and I are in love with our photos, and we are getting a lot of facebook love about them….well done ladies! I knew the photos would be great, but they are even better than I expected. Im pretty sure everyone at our wedding had a crush on you two…..! Thanks so much xoxReplyCancel