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Kim + Rob’s Mornington Wedding

Sarah and I met when we were both studying performing arts, so its safe to say we still have a soft spot for the dramatic arts.

And when it came time for Kim + Rob to do their speeches, after their glorious summer winery wedding at Ten Minutes by Tractor down in Mornington, we knew we had met kindred spirits.

They were not the schmaltzy types. Or the professions of love in public types.

Kim + Rob had decided that the best way to convey their love for each other, in front of their nearest and dearest was…

…to re-enact the wedding scene of Wes + Nicky from the season finale of The Bachelor!!!

Here lies their ‘speech’ (complete with an amazing interpretation of the Bold And The Beautiful school of acting).


Nicky: I am very happy. Everything you give me, I don’t think I would ever find. I don’t want to be away from you Wes. I will always take care of you and you know you have nothing to worry about.


Nicky: Stop you’re making me nervous!

Wes: I’m scared Nicky. But…I trust my instincts. That first day when you walked out of the limo, when I saw you, I just knew.

Nicky: I’ve got my heart on my sleeve and you have my heart. My heart is your heart. Now we share a heart. Oh, I am an emotional banana  sandwich.

Wes: I just worry that everything has happened so fast Nicky. Do you think we can make it?

Nicky: (NICKY COMBS HIS HAIR) Wes, you are my Prince Charming because….you’re just a Prince Charming.

Wes: Will you accept the final rose?

Nicky: Wes, I will keep it in our hearts forever.



Love Katie + Sarah xo