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Kirsty + Mike

Who says you can’t have an amazing wedding in the pouring rain? I almost feel as though Mike and Kirsty’s day should become the poster child for wet weddings and shared with couples the world over, to show just how beautiful it all can be!

Mike and Kirsty chose to celebrate their day in a tiny little part-gallery part-winery a couple of hours out of Melbourne and I would like to go on the record and say their venue has become one of my happy places.

There are two ways to get there. One is via the freeway, and the other is down a never ending dirt road through the Bunyip State Park, which is the way I happened to go on the day. Driving for over half an hour on an unsealed, slippery road, surrounded by nothing but trees (why are they so scary en masse?!) and wondering why this place was named after bunyips is perhaps the reason I was so happy to finally get there!

From that point on, I simply couldn’t believe this place existed. I always get so overcome by venues that have been built up over time and made into something utterly unique and visionary. Jinks Creek has to be up there. It was so laid back, so rustic, so perfect for Kirsty and Mike who are the sweetest most down to earth couple! There were friendly dogs roaming around, there was a pizza oven dishing out the food, there was a historic cottage on site where Kirsty got ready, there was artwork lining every wall…you just couldn’t help but think “How does this magical place exist?!”

A lot of couples would have looked at the weather on the day and abandoned plans to hold an outdoor ceremony. Not Kirsty and Mike. They were AMAZING. “Well, the plan was to get married on the verandah! Let’s get married on the verandah! Screw this rain, let’s do this!”. I was absolutely amazed at their pioneering spirits! I know if it were my day I probably would have just thought “My hair will frizz, let’s do it inside” haha!

So here it is – the gorgeous, laid back, rustic and rainy day that was Kirsty and Mike’s wedding!

Love Katie & Sarah xo