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Laura + Josh’s Falls Creek Wedding

Having never photographed in snow before coupled with my love of a good road trip, I was definitely excited by Laura’s email that simply started with “it’s going to be a snow setting in a small country town.”

Yep. Done. I’ll pack the car now.

“This is my home” was the second thing Laura told me. Home for Laura was the stunning Kiewa Valley (Kiewa meaning ‘sweet water’) nestled just below Falls Creek.  This was where Laura had spent her childhood and despite now living in Queensland, Laura would return to the Kiewa Valley, to her friends and family, to marry Josh in the same Memorial Hall where so many of her family members had they themselves been married in over the years.

There was also something so wonderful about Laura + Josh’s fathers, who after the ceremony, piled us all into a convoy of 4WD’s and drove us up the mountain, while telling us the history of the area and stories of their children. It was the flowers, those super fun bridesmaids dresses, the snow and the ice cold breeze. It was their friends that kept making sure we had been fed. It truly made for a wonderful day and an amazing excuse for a road trip.

Love Katie xo

  • Robyn sandy

    Stunning photos of a beautiful winter wedding!ReplyCancel

  • Hi Katie and Sarah, we’re Trev and Marion.

    I just felt the need to tell you two lovely ladies, how much I enjoyed the photos of Josh and Laura’s Wedding. They are two very special people to us.

    Unfortunately we couldn’t go to their Wedding as my wife Marion has a very rare autoimmune disorder whereby she’s allergic to cold weather. Marion can have a full on anaphylactic response if she gets too cold. We actually made it to the stunning Kiewa Valley some months earlier to witness our Son Leigh’s Wedding to the Lovely Grace, but even then it was touch and go.

    So Huge TY’s to you two ladies as your stunning photography allowed us to at least indulge in what was no doubt a a fantastic day celebrating Laura and Josh’s union as a couple. Your photos were Perfect they captured the incredible beauty of the area, the copious fun of the day, and the shared love between Josh and Laura. We may not have been there, but after viewing your photos we feel like we were. So Well Done ladies.ReplyCancel

  • Maria

    Hi ladies,
    I have just been looking through your gallery’s and really love the images that you capture. As I am getting married next September I am currently looking for a photographer to capture our special day. I was just wondering if you could please send me a price quote and was also wondering if you do wedding albums.
    Thank you in advance,