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Lauren + Marco

A few years ago, a family friend’s son got married. I wasn’t at the wedding, but my mum and dad were, and the day after, my mum called me and said “I have never seen two people more in love”.

At the time I wondered what that would look like (compared to any other loved up couple), or how you can possibly measure it. I mean, I see couples get married virtually every weekend and they all seem beyond happy, totally lit up and in love as you could get….and then there was Lauren and Marco.

Not that there’s a competition running or anything, but if there was…FAR OUT. I remember our first meeting one evening at a tiny little cafe in Northcote. I was waiting with Katie out the front, and this girl and guy came walking up High Street hugging, and gave each other this gorgeous little squeeze and a kiss right before they caught up to us. They were glowing with so much love they just lit that dark night right up.

On their wedding day, their love was so palpable that when I said goodbye at the end, I…Burst. Into. Tears. There were a few reasons, but I think mostly because I have never witnessed a bride and groom who handled themselves so graciously. Their little daughter had started teething and was in pain the whole day. Lauren kept her close every step of the way, even holding her bub on her hip while she did her (own) makeup. I have never seen anything like it. And then there was the effortless display of strength I witnessed when Lauren and Marco were pronounced as husband and wife, walked up the aisle beaming with happiness, and then had to go from ‘Just Married’ to ‘Mum & Dad’ as soon as they heard their wee one crying just outside the chapel.

I watched them at the reception make time for each and every one of their guests, and thought how proud their parents must be of these two gorgeous souls who so selflessly gave themselves to everyone else on a day which, after all, was about them. I cried during the speeches when Lauren told Marco she would love him until “this big wide world covers us with dust”. And at some point during the night, the venue manager came over to me and said “Now THIS is how you do a wedding”.

Lauren’s stunning dress & necklace come from BHLDN, and though we don’t normally give credits on our website, I know we’re going to get a million emails asking because she was just. that. stunning.

Love Sarah xo



  • Patricia Staig/McNamara

    Katie & Sarah, these are really beautiful.
    Thankyou to both of you – Lauren’s mum TrishReplyCancel