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Lauren + Will’s backyard wedding

Over the time that we’ve been photographing weddings, we have developed a soft spot for elopements and simple backyard affairs.

They condense down into being a celebration of marriage itself. The traditional layers of a wedding are pulled back to reveal what everyone’s really there to witness – the public announcement of the merging of two lives. Lauren and Will chose to remove those layers to reveal an honest, simple and stunning portrayal of their love.

They didn’t formally walk down any ‘aisle’, but instead strolled hand in hand quickly and quietly between their friends and family to a little corner in the backyard – no music, no pomp, no bridal party, no flower girls.

Lauren’s dress had been bought on sale four years previous, but not for any function in particular. She eventually needed a wedding dress. The sale dress was white and had been hanging in her wardrobe untouched. Wedding dress acquired – tick!

She put a single flower in her hair, and surrounded by their closest friends and family, got married in the backyard of Will’s mother’s home. And when their gorgeous baby George needed a bit of special attention, Lauren slipped off her heels and into her flats, and took him for a stroll around the block, giggling all the way.

When weddings are kept simple and pure and in the backyard of family homes, it makes you feel like real love exists around every corner.

Love Katie + Sarah xo