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Maya + Tim

Imagine a really rich guy decides to build a mega mansion in the middle of nowhere. Then imagine that guy gets his own train station built on the property so he can cart his guests back and forth from Melbourne…

When Maya and Tim contacted me to shoot their day I was absolutely gobsmacked by the story of their venue – Rupertswood Mansion in Sunbury, Victoria. Not only is the tale of its eccentric owner worth a google, but you’ll learn as I did, that Rupertswood is of course the place where, famously, after Christmas dinner in 1882, on the mansions’s grounds, The Ashes were born. That’s right – The Ashes. The very first game was held between the English cricket team and the Rupertswood staff!

I was captivated (and I don’t even like cricket).

When their big day finally arrived, I actually got there an hour early just to take it all in. Driving up the long driveway and spying the epic tower peeping through the trees was absolutely phenomenal, and I got totally swept up by the madness, the radness and the grandness – not only of the mansion – but of Maya and Tim.

Love Sarah xo