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Nancy + Jason | elopement | Daylesford

Nancy + Jason’s Daylesford Elopement

Since our first elopements, we’ve been hungry hungry hungry little caterpillars to do more! When an email comes through with the words “We’re thinking of eloping” Katie and I will move mountains to try and do it!

So when Nancy and Jason emailed us to say they were eloping on the lake at Daylesford we signed on the virtual dotted line then and there.

Still, I don’t think we could have anticipated just how much this day would move us, make us so thankful for having the jobs we have, and make us more in love with love than ever. Sounds schmaltzy, but when a bride answers the door in her soon-to-be-husband’s work shirt and says “I am so sorry, I’m not dressed yet, the kids are running around, can you help me put my dress on?” and “Should I wear the floral wreath or not?” or ”Katie, can you be my Maid of Honour?” and “Do you want to witness the wedding?” how can you not be both humbled and totally in love with the people you’re photographing?

Do you know what’s really funny? We take just as many shots at an elopement (they go for roughly 2-3 hours) as an all day wedding! How strange is that? Maybe we’re trying to fill the beautiful quiet that comes with such a small ceremony? Or perhaps the little moments are way more noticeable because our entire attention is reserved for just a couple of people. Lots of photos come from a tiny intimate wedding, rest assured, just in case you’re also debating whether or not to elope!

We hope you enjoy this stunning wedding. The couple and their kids are an absolute knock out (Nancy tells us there are no magic tricks for getting kids this cute, just luck of the draw…might have to try and get some of their DNA?!)

Love Katie + Sarah xo