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Excuse the herb garden in the background, I was trying to be all Vogue Living for you guys (but I think we’ve just found out why I will never get a job in lifestyle photography…eek!).

If you can take your eyes off my amazing lavender and the mint that’s growing out of control, you will see our album!!! This is our studio sample that Katie flew all the way to New York City to see and feel before we decided to go with.

It’s super duper pretty. I don’t think either of us gave a tiny rat’s tail about albums before now (a few mere months ago I told my own wedding photographer that whatever he did with our included album would be fine. He was like “But you have so many details, don’t you want to choose more photos for it?!” I was like “I know I should care, but I just don’t!”). Ah, it’s being in the digital age that’s done it to me…

Either way, if you’re an album kinda couple, these are the coolest little numbers around.

Love Katie & Sarah xo

PS –¬†We bring the studio sample to all our meetings so you can see it for yourselves.



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