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Oh, give us a simple backyard wedding any day of the week and we will love you forever and ever…introducing Venice and Julian’s stunning Bendigo nuptials.

Where do we begin, really? The weather was a dreamboat, the garden of Julian’s family home had blossomed to absolute perfection, and the bride and groom were a dream to work with. So much love and thought and work went into this day, I mean what a rare treat to have parents who not only have the perfect location for a wedding, but are also up to the immense challenge and stress of hosting such an event. It was absolutely magical to be a part of and we are so thrilled with the images we were able to capture.

Venice wore an Akira Isogawa dress so unlike anything we have seen a bride wear before, and we absolutely loved the bridesmaids all in their totally different but perfect little sundresses. When we saw Julian all dressed up in his bow tie and suit it almost felt like we were at a wedding in the deep south, he looked liked such a Southern gentleman!

Bendigo is one of our favourite cities in Victoria and it was so much fun to take a road trip and feel completely creatively re-energised.


Love Katie & Sarah xo

  • Julian Wearne - Wow!

    These turned out amazingly, thank you guys so much for all the hard work! Can’t wait to get some of these framed for the flat. Good luck with the future weddings, I know you guys will make plenty of other new couples very happy.ReplyCancel

Despite the pouring rain on Saturday, Mike + Kirsty were intent on making this amazing entrance to their ceremony. Gorgeous!

Love Katie + Sarah xo

  • Denise Clarke - FANCY A LIFT Excellent photo. Can t wait to see others.
    Katie and Sarah you are very creative taking the simmple or unusual photo and making it look interesting.ReplyCancel

When we imagine a wedding, we often think of a fairytale moment in two people’s lives where for one day, everything is perfect.

Up until now we’ve always blogged about weddings that happen. Weddings we witness and capture. Weddings that feel like everyone is going to live happily ever after.

But back in August, one of the most spectacular people I knew lost his battle with cancer. He’d beaten the odds once, and I think the majority of people thought this charming man would do it again. It wasn’t to be. Daniel died on August 1st, and left behind Paige, who’d planned to marry her great love on August 27th at one of their favourite places – The Fairfield Boathouse.

She had the ring. She had the dress. She knew there would be scones with jam and cream. She, like the rest of us, thought everything would be ok.

And then the sudden shocking news that Daniel had passed away.

I’ve often said the reason I have an obsession with photography is because moments are so fleeting, and I am so terrified of missing things. I often hear it in people’s voices when I say I’m a wedding photographer, they assume you’re a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WITH A CAPITAL W and P (we all know the type, right?). Recently it hit me when I was doing some family research and found some old photos of a family wedding from a hundred odd years ago that that’s actually what I do. I let people know this happened.

I wish I’d been able to capture Paige and Daniel’s wedding day, but the journey is just as important when it comes to showing that this happened and not just the fairytale ending.

Daniel still popped his head in for devonshire tea, which was mighty delightful:-)

Love Sarah xo


  • Indra King - My gosh. This brought me to tears. You look like a very strong person Paige. These photographs are beautiful. May Daniel rest in peace.ReplyCancel

  • Leigh Marshall - They are lovely photos my darling Paige. I want every one of them. How Daniel would have ‘ruther been there with you. How we all would have wanted to share the day with you both. You are strong sweetheart, even though it may not feel it at times. Made me cry too. Inch by inch, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, a week at a time, the month s pass…oxoxReplyCancel

  • Julian Wearne - Oh wow. Gorgeous, but incredibly sad photos. Half the office is teary after scrolling past the shots from our wedding and seeing these.

    Paige, you have incredible courage and I wish you the best.

    Katie and Sarah, I’m moved by your work.ReplyCancel

  • Mikaela O'Neill - Rest in Peace Daniel. Paige you must be an incredibly strong woman. I hope you have found peace. xReplyCancel

Welcome to the wedding of the oh-my-gosh-could-they-be-any-darn-cuter Katie and Ed.

Two remarkable things happened on the day of this wedding. I hadn’t seen a horse up close and personal for years, and I actually had to pinch myself when one arrived at the reception (it was like seeing a unicorn, so rare for us city slickers!), and I discovered Flinders (“have you been living under a rock?!” I hear you all gasp! “no, I’m just from Queensland!” I reply).

Oh – and Flinders is so super cute that people just decorate the bus shelters for the sheer heck of it. Whatta place!

A lot of couples who we work with are the kind who hate having their photos taken. That’s the way we like it too. I actually don’t know what we would do if we ever had a couple who really enjoyed posing…probably giggle uncomfortably! But what we loved about Katie and Ed is that they weren’t posers, they were just super duper comfortable ┬ábecause their wedding was so them. The more we do this, the more we realise that’s key. These guys love their wine, family and Ed loves to surf. So they chose to hold their reception at a winery near the beach with their absolute nearest and dearest. The vibe was just gorgeous. There was no fuss, no stress and plenty of time for us to capture such a rich variety of some of our favourite bridal portraits ever.

Welcome to the wedding of Katie & Ed!

Love Katie & Sarah xo

  • Sacha - Love this wedding – T’Gallant looks gorgeous. Fantastic photos girls – I love the soft ‘top and tail’ focus you are working with!ReplyCancel

  • Sacha - Fantastic photos. What a gorgeous wedding!ReplyCancel

As you might expect, we meet with every couple who is interested in booking us just to make sure we all gel and to discuss all the exciting plans for the big day. Summer and Omar were the first couple we had ever dealt with that simply emailed us and said “We want to book you”. Somehow I didn’t really believe these people could possibly exist. It was such a leap of faith! But sure enough, the deposit came through and we marked their day down in our diaries.

It’s a truly amazing gesture when a couple trust in your abilities to do your thing. They’ve seen what you can do, they like it, the decision is made. Their confidence gives you confidence.

We finally met Summer and Omar the day before their wedding in a cruisy little buddhist cafe and we all. just. clicked.

The conversation flowed, and it felt like we’d always known each other. They told us all about their big day, and we started to get pretty darn excited. Red love hearts were the running theme of the day, their were guests flying in from all over the place, and when we saw their amazing invitations we knew just how much thought, time, and work had gone into their wedding.

Part way through the conversation I felt compelled to tell Omar how much he looked like my husband Justin. The similarity was absolutely crazy – same build, same manner, same clothes, same glasses. I fished out a picture of Justin to show him, and Omar just says “I know your husband”. I was like “What?!” he’s like “Yeah, we used to hang out all the time!”. I was like “NO!!! How come I never knew about you?!” it was the weirdest small world moment ever. Sure enough I went home to Justin that night and told him the story, and his response was as if I’d told him his favourite high school bud had just walked out of an underground mine, alive after missing for ten years – “DJ OMAR?!!!!!” he gasped. DJ Omar, indeed.

And now, it’s time for you to meet this glorious couple as well…

Love Katie & Sarah xo