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Olivia + Neil

Welcome to the absolutely flawless wedding of Liv and Neil. It’s bordering on 5am, and despite telling Liv they’d be up on the site last night, it has actually taken me this long to decide which shots to post because there were just that many great ones.

With shared backdrops of the Botanical Gardens and St Kilda this wedding was always going to look a million bucks, but when we met up the week before the wedding and asked Liv and Neil if they were doing anything a bit different we should know about they said “No, not really…Oh, well, we’re having some vintage kombi vans?”.

At this point Katie & I went bananas.

Then we turned up to the actual wedding and realised we weren’t dealing with any old kombi vans. These were as pristine as the day they were driven out of the VW factory (40 odd years ago) Never have we seen wedding cars get this kind of attention (think an entire balcony of people cheering from The Espy). So. much. fun.

We’re extraordinarily happy to post such a summery wedding, especially one that’s just so…well…Melbourne!

Have a great weekend (I’m off to a friend’s wedding and Katie is shooting an amazing birthday party in the Yarra Valley). Be sure to check back in with us next week, as we have some truly super duper exciting news to share with you all!

Love Katie & Sarah xo

Olivia Cooper - Ladies…..amazing we love the photo’s you have captured everything, so happy with them. Cannot wait to see the rest and would love to catch up with you both.
Love liv nd coops x

Jess + Andrew

There’s a great interview with Annie Leibovitz where she says that to take great photos of people, you have to fall in love with them a little. This wedding for us was precisely that – we simply fell in love with our subjects. From young flower girls who took their duties so seriously to grandparents who radiated pride for six hours straight, their faces and responses to Jess and Andrew’s big day were such a treat to capture.

In fact this wedding spawned one of our favourite things we’ve ever bared witness to at a wedding – Jess’s younger brother unashamedly let the tears run free (complete with a pink hanky) during the ceremony and it was unbelievably beautiful. 

It was a misty grey old day, but like all weddings, we always leave unable to imagine things turning out any other way…
On a bit of a side note, do you recognise the (awesome) celebrant Jane Clifton from Prisoner?!
Love Katie & Sarah xo


J - Beautiful, would have liked to have seen more!

Celeste + Cristian’s Tasmanian Elopement

Would you ever elope?

When Cristian and Celeste emailed us and said the e-word our hearts kind of raced for them. I remember at our first meeting Katie and I were asking all the obvious questions – “Why?!” “How did you decide?” “Will your parents be angry?”…we just couldn’t believe that they were doing it (and that they were taking us with them!). We were ridiculously excited. It kind of felt like we were breaking curfew or telling our parents we were staying at a friend’s house to study when really we were trying to get into an underage club in a different state. Oh, yes, there was a border crossing involved!!

Years ago Celeste had seen a wedding at the Port Arthur convict settlement in Tasmania inside the ruins of an open air chapel. She decided then and there that if she ever got married, this would be the place. So, on a sunny Tasmanian afternoon, we all drove from Hobart down to Port Arthur and stood in that open air chapel and captured her dream come true.

This was a ceremony that was sweet and true. When the celebrant asked if we would promise to support this marriage all throughout our lives, Katie and I looked at one another, unsuccessfully trying to supress our teary eyes, and responded “WE WILL!”. Our words were carried away on the breeze and are probably swirling around Antarctica right now.

And a penguin is smiling.

Love Katie & Sarah xo


Katie - Beautiful photos! They make me want to go right back to Tassie.

Hello! We are Katie + Sarah

Happy New Year everyone!

Throughout the year you’ll see some little pop up shots from us littering the website. Katie and I are used to being behind the camera, but at the end of last year we thought it might be fun to decorate the website with a little Katie & Sarah spirit. We invited Katie’s film maker brother along to make a little vid of the behind the scenes action. And this is what we got!

Love Katie & Sarah xo

PS – Our fab photographer on the day was the delightful James Penlidis

PPS – The awesome song you hear in the video is by one of our favourite bands ever, The Bank Holidays. And it’s your lucky day – you can purchase it right here!

Em - Ohhh, I’m looking forward to scheduling a meeting with you two in a couple of months to talk wedding photos! Your shoot looked super fun!!