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Hello! We are Katie + Sarah

Happy New Year everyone!

Throughout the year you’ll see some little pop up shots from us littering the website. Katie and I are used to being behind the camera, but at the end of last year we thought it might be fun to decorate the website with a little Katie & Sarah spirit. We invited Katie’s film maker brother along to make a little vid of the behind the scenes action. And this is what we got!

Love Katie & Sarah xo

PS – Our fab photographer on the day was the delightful James Penlidis

PPS – The awesome song you hear in the video is by one of our favourite bands ever, The Bank Holidays. And it’s your lucky day – you can purchase it right here!

Em - Ohhh, I’m looking forward to scheduling a meeting with you two in a couple of months to talk wedding photos! Your shoot looked super fun!!

Gabby + Julio’s Fijian Wedding

You would think the most stressful parts of organising a wedding would be ill dress fittings, bad floral arangements or getting those invites out on time. However for Gabby and Julio, leaving Melbourne proved the most challenging. Their flight was delayed (and then cancelled). They sat defiantly at Melbourne airport for 24 hours (then miraculously squeezed onto another flight). The plane finally arrived (at 5am in the morning). And they were in Fiji!!! (but their luggage was in Brisbane – it arrived only a few hours before the wedding).

Luckily, the hitches ended there, and what came after proceeded without a single slip.

The best thing about an international wedding (besides feeling like you’re in the movie Mama Mia!)? The chance to indulge in what I like to call a wedding ‘festival’. Think endless days of eating like it’s Christmas, drinking fancy cocktails with mini umbrellas by the pool, and storing up a years worth of Vitamin D with your nearest and dearest. No need for designated drivers or missing a chance to speak to your Auntie Jo before everyone is herded out of the venue at 11pm sharp…because everyone meets up for buffet breakfast the next day and it starts all over again.

A wedding which spills over into a holiday. Everyone should have them. Can we come?

Love Katie xo


Kate Ambler - Damn you girls always do such a fantastic job!!! Lovely behind the scenes shots and lots of lovely moments!

Cat + Ash’s Daylesford Elopement

There is nothing quite like being a witness to an elopement. Cat + Ash’s ceremony was the second of its kind that we photographed in 2011 and we simply can’t wait to do more. So note to all prospective elopers out there – please invite us along!  This time, the ceremony was so intimate that I was asked to double as a witness and sign their marriage certificate!

It was held at the amazing Daylesford Convent, an hour and a half out of Melbourne, on a sunny Tuesday morning. It was such a peaceful ceremony, and so hushed that the sound of my shoes on the hardwood floors echoed throughout the chapel and I ended up walking on my tippy toes. And then, just like that, they were married. No big cakes to cut or guest books to sign.

Just two people in love on a sunny Tuesday morning.

Love Katie xo

Farren + Matt

When Katie arrived at this wedding, I got a phone call that basically went like this…

“I just got here. You are going to lose your freakin’ mind”.

As I drove along an out of the way road in Warrandyte and approached the venue (which, I should mention, was the lovely groom’s family home) my jaw dropped. I could see a MASSIVE marquee, giant letters on the lawn which spelled out LOVE, the raddest lawn games, and the most stunning archway under which the ceremony would take place. My mind at that point was indeed, lost.

Farren and Matt, their family and friends and some extraordinary vendors put together an event to blow your socks off. The work that went into this wedding would make most wedding coordinators roll their eyes and say “No couple could pull this off unless they were super human”, but they did – and then some.

Other things to note…

1. We took the bridal portraits at the Warrandyte Berry Farm which has been serving all things strawberry for around 30 years. I’ve since been back to buy their chocolate dipped strawberries (twice) and even took Justin there on a morning date a couple of weekends ago. Absolutely 100% worth a visit!

2. Farren’s stunning dress is from Johanna Johnson (I know we’re going to get a gazillion emails asking).

3. Farren loved planning her wedding so much she is thinking of making it her career. I think she should!

Would you like to see?

Love, Katie & Sarah xo