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The day before Megan + Clint got married on a rooftop on the wonderful island of Santorini, we took a drive down south, far far away from the tourist crowds and came across a small beach where there wasn’t a living soul but us. Us and one fisherman. But he didn’t seem to mind us too much.

Santorini holds a very dear spot in my heart. It was here, 6 years ago, where I realised that I wanted to be a photographer and nothing else. I had finished my time at university and I was backpacking around Europe and North Africa and feeling a little lost as to where I really wanted to be in life. It was here, daydreaming on the back of a motorbike, with the warm sun on my back, that it struck me. Clear as day.

6 years later to the date, I returned as a photographer to shoot Megan + Clint’s wedding.

Fate can be a funny thing sometimes.


Love Katie xo

  • liz - Wow! I love these. Dare I say better than the normal wedding photos! Megan and Clint look wonderful and the love shines through. LizReplyCancel

  • Donnae Rowe - Beautiful photos, I made a good looking son lol!ReplyCancel

  • Leah - You made the right choice Katie, your photos are absolute genius. They often bring a tear to my eye, Leah Collins xoReplyCancel

Having never photographed in snow before coupled with my love of a good road trip, I was definitely excited by Laura’s email that simply started with “it’s going to be a snow setting in a small country town.”

Yep. Done. I’ll pack the car now.

“This is my home” was the second thing Laura told me. Home for Laura was the stunning Kiewa Valley (Kiewa meaning ‘sweet water’) nestled just below Falls Creek.  This was where Laura had spent her childhood and despite now living in Queensland, Laura would return to the Kiewa Valley, to her friends and family, to marry Josh in the same Memorial Hall where so many of her family members had they themselves been married in over the years.

There was also something so wonderful about Laura + Josh’s fathers, who after the ceremony, piled us all into a convoy of 4WD’s and drove us up the mountain, while telling us the history of the area and stories of their children. It was the flowers, those super fun bridesmaids dresses, the snow and the ice cold breeze. It was their friends that kept making sure we had been fed. It truly made for a wonderful day and an amazing excuse for a road trip.

Love Katie xo

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  • Trevor Cox - Hi Katie and Sarah, we’re Trev and Marion.

    I just felt the need to tell you two lovely ladies, how much I enjoyed the photos of Josh and Laura’s Wedding. They are two very special people to us.

    Unfortunately we couldn’t go to their Wedding as my wife Marion has a very rare autoimmune disorder whereby she’s allergic to cold weather. Marion can have a full on anaphylactic response if she gets too cold. We actually made it to the stunning Kiewa Valley some months earlier to witness our Son Leigh’s Wedding to the Lovely Grace, but even then it was touch and go.

    So Huge TY’s to you two ladies as your stunning photography allowed us to at least indulge in what was no doubt a a fantastic day celebrating Laura and Josh’s union as a couple. Your photos were Perfect they captured the incredible beauty of the area, the copious fun of the day, and the shared love between Josh and Laura. We may not have been there, but after viewing your photos we feel like we were. So Well Done ladies.ReplyCancel

  • Maria - Hi ladies,
    I have just been looking through your gallery’s and really love the images that you capture. As I am getting married next September I am currently looking for a photographer to capture our special day. I was just wondering if you could please send me a price quote and was also wondering if you do wedding albums.
    Thank you in advance,

Francesca and Matt are both actors in New York City.

I love watching performers marry, because (as an amazing celebrant once told me) – “It’s the people who are used to being watched, that think they’ll have it all under control who often crumble the most in a ceremony”.

I knew Matt and Francesca’s vows would be magnificent, dramatic, and exchanged with a LOT of feeling and potential tears, but I don’t think anything could have prepared me for how much I wept behind my camera as they spoke their love and commitment to one another out loud.

As I read them again here, the words and sentiments still totally overwhelm me. I hope you enjoy them as much as i did when I heard them that day.

Francesca’s Vows –

Henry David Thoreau ruminated in his book “Walden”:

“If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal- that is your success…The true harvest of my daily life is somewhat as intangible and indescribable as the tints of morning or evening. It is a little star-dust caught, a segment of the rainbow which I have clutched.” 

 And so we have harvested this most sacred, ineffable magic together! What Thoreau speaks of is the very essence of love, and I think that when you read this book as a teenager, it was not only the exciting prospect of adventuring in the woods that captivated you; it was entering into the solitude of wilderness to find that love for yourself.  And in a way you did – Your brave heart led you here to the wilds of this city, away from home, to pursue the Love of your art… and you found other Loves too – the shallow and the deep.  You experienced great joys, and weathered immense heartaches, and in the end my love, your heart remained, luckily for me, resiliently open… still searching.  

And I was stumbling, and living, and searching too – oh, had we found each other then! But as you’ve said before, would we have been ready?  You see, I was doubtful that I would ever find a man that embodied a poetic soul, or one who would make me feel truly seen and heard.  I thought that finding someone who felt like home was a pleasure reserved for the elite few.  And then I experienced you; the free and easy way in which you give, your gentleness, your strong moral compass, that infectious smile of yours, your playfulness and whether or not you feel it, your fearlessness.  I have, by some inexplicable and lucky twist of fate, found that intangible and indescribable essence of real, unflinching, accepting, and ever-embracing love.  Like Thoreau marveling in the wood, so have I, “a little stardust caught”.  So I stand here with you today, my dearest friend and love, in our very own little Arden to say to you:

That I will strive every day: to augment your life with the countless joys you’ve given me, and with you, shoulder the inevitable life challenges that will come our way with strength, and open-heartedness.

To fiercely respect and honor your individual journey on this earth, and encourage you to find, express, and live your bliss. To listen with care, and speak with honesty. To build a home that is a sanctuary; one that sings with artful simplicity, and maybe a dog? To live presently and mindfully by your side nurturing and growing a marriage full of laughter, devotion, open dialogue, friendship, and steadfast trust. 

These are my vows to you my love.  I greet this moment here with you with a starry, immortal kind of joy because today, I have the unbelievable pleasure of marrying you.


Matt’s Vows –

There is no time left no…this measure we take of birth to death is…well, I think it’s from this to that…I know, you say it’s from here to there…you know I’ve read somewhere that perhaps it’s from that valley – you see, you see…if you squint you can make out…I’ve heard the famed mountain of riches lies beyond those small hills…and if you find some time…if I find some time…maybe…I heard it on a podcast…on this great website I think…I read half the article…and if I had time I’d point the direction…but as you well know…I have no time…sorry…I have no time…I can’t give…because I have no…time…

Alone my heartbeat clicks…I have no time…alone my heatbeat shakes…I have no time…the fragile walls of my simple frame…I have no time…and attacks are panic…sooooo….hey, I’ll call my mom…I’ll call my friends…I think there’s a way back…If I slowly walk this way…I’ll find a way back…not forward…I’ll go back see…someone has to be an authority on the matter…I mean, there is an authority on this matter…I have no time…perhaps the past is an authority…

there is safety in the way I have things…that I do things…that I have things…that I had things…

And then…


in front of me…

you are listening to me with every part of you…

you say I’m no authority…but you are…

and your eyes are singing songs…the most beautiful melodies…

and they’re not just love songs…they are songs from the playground…and mournful dirges…religious chants…futuristic psychedelia…smooth jazz,baby…the happiest pop songs…the most incredible independent music you’ve ever heard…and the sweetest lullabies you’ve ever heard…and here…here…

I have time…

in your eyes, in your presence…I have time…

I vow to drink the final sips of your tea, lemon water, or smoothie because you don’t like the stuff that settles on the bottom.  I still don’t understand why it’s gross to you, but I will drink it.

I vow that every morning that we’re both awake at the same time, I will stop making my breakfast to hold you in the kitchen.  Because I love you and it’s sweet, but also because remember when I read that thing in the NY Times that holding somebody for 20 seconds releases oxytocin?  It’s important for our health.

I vow to keep dark chocolate and flowers in the house at all times.

I vow to cook you food from our CSA. 

I vow to not get upset when you seemingly laugh at me while you’re asleep.  She kinda laughs at me while she’s asleep…

I vow to get weirder and develop more issues as time goes.  I know that’s not a vow, but saying it out loud makes it feel better.

I vow to continue to find new ways to love you.  That’s important I think.  Because we’ve got “now” taken care of, you know?…so whatever comes up, the undiscovered country, that’s the important stuff.  So whatever comes up, as we change, as life changes, I’ll promise to keep learning how to love you in new ways and continue loving you in the old ones…


Love Sarah xo


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