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I have a soft spot for Macedon. My dad has lived up there for the past 10 years and whenever the noise in Melbourne gets a little too much, I pack my toothbrush and my pillow and shuttle off to dad’s place for a massive glass of wine (the kind where dad fills it all the way to the top) and a chance to just sit and listen to the cockatoos in the cyprus trees.

Loving a good small world story, when I met Lisa + Hugh they mentioned his family’s property in Macedon was to be the location for their upcoming wedding. And as it turned out, that property was next to my dad’s. Brilliant.

What followed was a stunning day that felt seamless. Everything happened when it was supposed to. It was a party, but at the same time, it seemed almost peaceful. The dresses, the colours, the ceremony, the flowers, the portraits, the dancing, the speeches. Perhaps it was just a dose of some good country air but all of it was glorious and it was indeed a day where I was reminded of how much I love doing what I do.

Love Katie xo

Winnie + Marcus were married at Heide in a wedding ceremony and reception that felt different to anything we have ever done. To quote Marcus – “Every time we thought about things you might do in a traditional wedding, we decided to go in the complete opposite direction.”

And it not only worked, but pretty much blew our minds.

From the ‘dripping’ effect of the incredible flowers by Flower Temple, and styling elements from Dot Dot Dash, to the hand dipped black feathers that hung from the roof over the dance floor. From their incredibly put together outfits to the barely lit first dance, piece by piece this wedding came together in the most unexpected of ways. But at the heart of everything, was the incredible concept of ‘home’.

“…When I sit at work, which is in a highrise building in the city, there is a particular time of afternoon where the sun hits the building opposite me, and it looks as though it’s suspended in space and time. I can see other people working, and I wonder if they can see me. I watch them, I think about them, their lives, and what it’s like when they leave that office building. Who do they go home to after that long stressful day at the office? All I know is that no matter what happens in life, whether it be in that building, or away from that building, I am always ok, because Winnie is my home”. 

Love Katie + Sarah xo


Tim + Dani are getting married in November this year, after already celebrating 11 years together!

Over the weekend, they took me down to the beach where they plan to exchange their vows for a little pre wedding shoot, and the landscape stopped me in my tracks.

I can’t wait till November.

Love Katie xo

When Cat + Zane invited us to shoot their wedding on the Bellarine Peninsula we were beyond thrilled. Two years ago we didn’t even know the Bellarine existed…but photography leads you to all sorts of weird and wonderful places, and it’s hands down one of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been in Australia – a cross between Cape Cod and those gorgeous rugged coastal areas you see scattered around the bay in Melbourne.

Cat and Zane were married in the Geelong Botanical Gardens (seriously Geelong, you are full of surprises!) and held their intimate reception at Jack Rabbit Winery, and as you’ll soon see, they are both beautiful people inside and out.

So much so, that at times it felt like we were shooting the wedding of a Hemsworth brother to a supermodel…so it brought tears to our eyes when we were chatting to Zane’s mum during the reception who confided that when he still lived at home, Zane would never come home from a night out with friends without coming into her room first for a cuddle and to tell her all the goss from the evening.

And Cat, all elegance and class, admitted to us she kept waiting for Zane to show a rougher or less sensitive side – yet it never appeared. They are two of the biggest sweethearts we have ever met, and we couldn’t have been more blessed to capture their picture perfect day. Oh, and their dog also blew our minds! Seriously, is that dog real?!!

We didn’t think anything could top Cat’s flawless Collette Dinnigan gown…until a helicopter pilot friend of the couple organised a chopper to fly them into their reception! It was SO Hollywood! I don’t think any of us will ever forget the roar of the chopper as it came into view and looped over the venue with Cat and Zane waving from the window. The looks on their guest’s faces was priceless…

We couldn’t think of a more perfect wedding to end the year on, and we hope it gets you in the mood for a spectacular festive season wherever and however you may be spending it.

We cannot wait to see you all back in 2014, where our most exciting year at Love Katie + Sarah awaits. It will be a thrill to share it with you all.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support this year, and the hugest of thanks especially to all our beautiful 2013 couples who rocked our world and thanked us with gestures from mentioning us in their speeches to sending us home with anything from hand made preserves to cases of beer (we’re looking at you, Dave!). It truly has touched our hearts and we will be remembering these acts of kindness as we see in the new year.

Love Katie + Sarah xo


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