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Three years ago, Justin and I moved to Belgrave after finding the most perfect little cottage. It was cosy, cute and…underground. The second we saw it, we were in love. I still remember the inspection. Prospective buyers were walking in, giving funny looks to one another, and then leaving seconds after. Were we honestly the only people to find the underground architecture totally AWESOME?! At the time, we were living in a converted warehouse apartment at Pentridge Prison (a story for another day) so going underground didn’t feel like such a stretch. We put in an offer, and a week later it was ours.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when we realised we had one (one!) weekend off for the rest of the year, and we decided to finally throw a Christmas party…on the garden roof!

We are so happy we did!

You can’t see the street from roof level and you can’t see the roof from street level, so it’s like being in The Secret Garden. I can’t believe we haven’t thrown a hundred parties up there already, but now that we have we are so in love. It was the best thing ever seeing all our friend’s kids running around, collecting butchy boys, finding secret paths and making floral garlands together.

We had a ‘Make Your own Taco/Nacho’ bar where guests could just help themselves. Cornutopia supplied all our corn chips and tortillas and I highly recommend using them if you ever want to undertake a nacho bar of your own! It was so much fun for our guests and I loved seeing people’s plates stacked high with colour, Mexican is the perfect party food I think!

Through our work with Love Katie and Sarah we have been so fortunate to work with some highly creative people, and I was so honoured when Rita from Blooming Brides offered to put together flowers to brighten up the entire party. “Colour spreads quickly” Rita warned me, so I basically put flowers from the entrance to the roof garden right up the stairs, along the first roof, and up onto the second…and she was totally right – even though the flowers were really spread out, they welcomed everyone, and gave the party such a kick! All our guests commented on her genius arrangements, and they doubled as take home gifts at the end of the party. Rita also supplied about a thousand carnation heads for all the little ones to make floral garlands and they LOVED it.

Amber from Sweetpea Darlingheart made a (nothing short of extraordinary) Pina Colada Cake! There were actual moans coming from the roof after it was served, which made the party sound like it had taken on a different direction. People are still talking about the taste, it was just incredible. If I could eat Sweetpea Darlingheart cakes for breakfast, lunch and dinner it would still not be enough.

As we didn’t want to constantly fill glasses we had three drink urns which worked so well. In the urns we had Grapefruit Lemonade, a delicious Pimms cocktail Justin whipped up which he named The Roof Raiser, and our dear friends who run the tea company High Tea With Harriet provided a Christmas Tea which we served chilled and people went nuts over! It tasted just like Christmas pudding and finally felt like Christmas was around the corner! (a heads up for anyone getting married, High Tea With Harriet are launching a Wedding Tea in 2014!!)

The party was capped off perfectly when our magician friend Alex arrived. The poor guy never gets to enjoy an appearance in public (seriously) because the second he arrives everyone is like IT’S THE MAGICIAN!!!!!! But as he graciously performed on our little roof garden, it became a hundred times more magical up there, and we felt so lucky we had a weekend off to enjoy the festive season with our nearest and dearest and totally talented friends and family.

Our house has been warmed so much by everyone’s beautiful energy, and also by the tonnes of flowers still left over from the party (evidence towards the end of the post!)

To our wonderful couples of 2013, our future couples of 2014 and anyone else who is reading, we hope you have a super Christmas and wonderful New Year. Katie and I both feel like 2014 is going to be a good one, don’t you?!

Love Sarah xo

  • rita - Damn I miss all the best parties!!! And you had watermelon and feta salad. Love getting to work with you ladies so often. go the hills!! xReplyCancel

  • Katie + Sarah - Ummm, pretty sure this will become a yearly thing! Everyone was asking “We’re doing this next year, right?!” Already thinking up ideas for the next one!!!ReplyCancel

We absolutely LOVE when people involve their pets or have animals as part of their wedding.

We’ve seen dogs as ring bearers and brides riding into their ceremony on horseback. Either way, it’s wonderful (and not just because Katie is crazy for puppies!) when couples involve their fur babies as part of their big day.

Katie + Sarah xo


Since our first elopements, we’ve been hungry hungry hungry little caterpillars to do more! When an email comes through with the words “We’re thinking of eloping” Katie and I will move mountains to try and do it!

So when Nancy and Jason emailed us to say they were eloping on the lake at Daylesford we signed on the virtual dotted line then and there.

Still, I don’t think we could have anticipated just how much this day would move us, make us so thankful for having the jobs we have, and make us more in love with love than ever. Sounds schmaltzy, but when a bride answers the door in her soon-to-be-husband’s work shirt and says “I am so sorry, I’m not dressed yet, the kids are running around, can you help me put my dress on?” and “Should I wear the floral wreath or not?” or  “Katie, can you be my Maid of Honour?” and “Do you want to witness the wedding?” how can you not be both humbled and totally in love with the people you’re photographing?

Do you know what’s really funny? We take just as many shots at an elopement (they go for roughly 2-3 hours) as an all day wedding! How strange is that? Maybe we’re trying to fill the beautiful quiet that comes with such a small ceremony? Or perhaps the little moments are way more noticeable because our entire attention is reserved for just a couple of people. Lots of photos come from a tiny intimate wedding, rest assured, just in case you’re also debating whether or not to elope!

We hope you enjoy this stunning wedding. The couple and their kids are an absolute knock out (Nancy tells us there are no magic tricks for getting kids this cute, just luck of the draw…might have to try and get some of their DNA?!)

Love Katie + Sarah xo


  • amber - Wow, what gorgeous photos. You always seem to capture everyone’s best angle. I especially love that squeeze the kiddies are giving each other. Beautiful, joyous, serene. Lovely lovely.ReplyCancel