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Our blog has been a bit quiet over these winter months. We’ve been doing a wee bit of hibernating. And it’s been wonderful.

Now that we are slowly coming back out of our winter cocoons, we are hoping to share some more weddings with you.

Bryony + Richie’s wedding was in the height of Autumn, when the afternoon light is to die for and the air is crisp.

Thinking of having an Autumn wedding? Do it. Do it now!

Love Katie + Sarah xo


The other day, I went to Amber’s house to do another Sweetpea Darlingheart cake shoot! I was so pleased when she told me that she’s already booked five wedding cakes from Love Katie + Sarah readers since I posted the first shoot. You guys!

This time, Amber had made so many more cakes. She’d been baking for days and I basically got diabetes the moment I stepped into her kitchen. It was cake heaven! Don’t judge me, but I had to do everything – EVERYTHING – in my power not to, well, drool on them as I shot from above. The sweet smell of the icing, the decadent textures, the toppings…I honestly had to pretend they were fake just to get through it. It was all at once the most fun and most torturous thing I’ve ever done.

The two of us had so much fun styling each cake to give it its own little personality. Some of Amber’s most interesting cakes flavours include Pear and Maple, Honey Chai and Kaffir Lime and Lychee (lucky you didn’t judge me, because I bet you are drooling a little bit now as well!).

You can imagine my total and utter delight, when at the end of the day, Amber cut a piece out of every single cake, and sent me on my way.

I’m not ashamed to admit I made it approximately 50 metres down the street before I had one of those totally pure, human, religious cake experiences where I pulled into a shoulder of the road and STUFFED MY FACE.

And in the midst of the crazy Friday peak hour traffic, I was every bit better for it.

Love Sarah xo

PS – You too can have a cake-on-the-side-of-the-road moment by visiting

PPS – Amber has started a Sweetpea Darlingheart blog with her photography, words and recipes, and (as you would expect) it’s nothing short of absolutely beautiful and 100% addictive.


Cassie, you came into the world so tiny and so small and I was in awe at the wonder of it all. “Good things come in small packages” was what went through my mind as Dad, Lindy and I watched you lie in your humidity crib, born 6 weeks early at 4lbs 11 ozs. You were tiny but you were strong. It was your sister Lindy’s birthday. You were born on her birthday, that has to be something special. 8 year old Lindy dressed in a surgical gown and mask was happy to share her birthday with her younger sibling.

As I write these words, I looked at my fridge door which is covered in photos of my two girls at all stages of their lives, with their arms around each other, smiling, laughing, and making faces for the camera. Today, my proudest moment is seeing them together, the older sibling once again caring for the younger. Both so very different. But both mates all the same.

As you can see, Cassie is no longer that tiny child. She is tall, and stylish and the years have flown by. But the Cassie trademark smile never changed. Whether it was playing her childhood passion, the sax (which was bigger than her when she started playing it) or the horses she rode on weekends, I have watched her grow. I stood and clapped harder than anyone when she won the Dean’s award at Melbourne Uni, and was humbled when at the age of 16 she comforted me with grilled cheese on toast when my mother passed away. On Mother’s Day she learnt to play a song called “For Mother” and played it for me. And when I was running late from work she would say “Don’t worry mum, I’ve had my snack, had my shower and I’m doing my homework. We can still watch Dawson’s Creek when you get home.” I will always remember our times together with love.

Today on my Cassie’s wedding day, I have tried to share with you some memories of the two of us. The mother/daughter relationship was not always that easy, as we are both different in many ways. The trick is to appreciate their beauty, do your best by them, and let them go as graciously as possible. Daughter’s are like cats. They are only ever on loan.

Cassie, this is probably the last time Dad and I will need to speak on your behalf. From here on you will make your own speeches or you and James will speak for each other and do it well. Dad, Lindy and I taught you to walk, talk read and explore tastes, smells and sounds and to experience the warmth of belonging. Through every stage of your journey we have taught you to trust by trusting you and to love through the experience of being loved. We gave you the roots, but we also gave you the wings, so go out there and rock it.

Go out and start your own adventures, keep some of the old traditions, but take the opportunity to start your own. Everyone here including all your ancestors gone before wish you both all the love and luck in the world.

In my imagination, I see Grandma and Grandpa and YiaYia looking down from wherever they may be and saying “These are our beloved grandchildren in whom we are well pleased”.

Love Mum.

Happy weekend everyone!

Looks like we’re in for a chilly one, so while you’re snuggling up under the covers with a furry loved one (in my case, Justin AND Penelope the cat), watching the latest season of Madmen and perhaps hatching some sweet wedding plans, I thought I’d post a bright and cheery gastronomic photo shoot that I was thrilled to be part of today.

One of my best friends Amber is starting up a cake business, which is an unbelievably happy coincidence, because one of my favourite things in the world is cake! I love looking at it, eating it, and photographing it. Obviously I’ve seen a tonne of wedding cakes over the years, and my absolute favourites look like a real person made them, in a real kitchen with really fresh ingredients – basically the kind of cakes Amber has been making for all her friends and family for years. I was over the moon when she announced she was taking her baking to the wider world, she just nails it.

Her concept? To make cakes made with the best organic ingredients and a whole lot of love. The business name? Sweetpea Darling Heart.

While we were working on the shoot today, Amber said “I wanted to start this business because everyone is busy, life is crazy, and then…cake. It makes you stop and just take a moment”. I love that! And it’s so reminiscent of a wedding day – so much energy swirling around you and then…cake.

We had so much fun styling today’s shoot (and Amber’s gorgeous daughter had a lot of fun licking the leftover berry icing). Until Sweetpea Darling Heart’s website launches I thought I’d share with you these delectable images. Otherwise Sweetpea Darling Heart is open for business and you can get in touch with Amber at

Hugest congratulations Amber, we are all so in love with your cakes and are so proud of you for taking this next step!

Love Sarah xo

  • Rita - Now I’m in love with these cakes! very rarely do I see a cake pic and think, I want a bite. With these I would like to take a sprint down the hallway and dive in with my mouth open. Gorgeous pics !ReplyCancel

  • Serena Ives - These cakes are exactly what I’ve been looking for! Already emailed Amber :)ReplyCancel

  • Katie + Sarah - Haha! I HIGHLY recommend her, I’ve stuffed myself full of cake this entire weekend!ReplyCancel