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Kylie + Nick’s Blairgowrie Wedding

There was so much that I loved about being a part of Kylie + Nick’s wedding.

It was in a backyard, near the beach, just down the road from where my family used to holiday every year when I was a kid.

The day started with a poker game and ended with surprise flash mob.

There was festoon lighting, and dancing in the grass.

And I got to shoot barefoot.

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect, relaxed and gorgeous group of people to spend my day with. Now, let’s do it again.

Love Katie xo


Lou - That looks like the funnest wedding ever! And the portraits of the bride and groom are just stunning.

Margaret Price - Great photos, really captured the happiness of the day, and magical photos of the beautiful bride and groom are superb!

Brooke - Love love love it

Jakub - I just spotted my good work buddy Robyn! Small world!

Felicity Johnston - Hi, what superb photos. I was the celebrant at Nick and Kylie’s wedding and I’ll definitely be recommending you to couples I come across. You’ve captured the whole day and night perfectly.


amy - Gorgeous images from a gorgeous day, with the most gorgeous of couples. It was a pleasure to work with them on their wedding flowers! Just Lovely x Amy

A surprise…

On the weekend, Sarah and I photographed our very first surprise wedding.

To everyone attending, it was to be a merry 1950′s summer themed engagement party for Hailey + Mick. They had no idea what the afternoon would bring.

An hour into the festivities, Hailey quietly took her mum into her room. It only took a split second before she noticed the wedding dress hanging on the back of her daughter’s door.

This was her reaction.

Thus began the surprise wedding of Hailey + Mick.


Love Katie + Sarah xo

cathryn - This is amazing!! Such a beautiful shot!!

Jannie - Lovely set of photographs! love the B&W conversions.

Simone + James’s Australiana Shoot

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!!

We thought we’d bring you a little Valentine’s Day surprise post just for fun…and ‘cos we’re in the business of L.O.V.E.  :-)

The shots below are from the stunning wedding of Simone and James, which at times felt as though we were shooting an Elizabeth Arden perfume campaign!

What amazed us most, however, was how many ways you can utilise one simple location to produce a really wide array of wedding portraits. As that old saying goes…K.I.S.S. And how very appropriate for today’s post!

Love Katie + Sarah xo


Tina kent - oh these are beautiful! Love a natural setting. lovT

Glenda Wilson - A beautiful couple who are obviously very much in love. Congrats to my baby daughter Simone and her new husband James. xxoo

Trinity Seddon - Lovely photos, had a great time at the wedding and can’t wait to catch up again

Sacha + Mick’s Abbotsford Convent Wedding

Hello hello!!!

We are currently deep in the marshes and jungles (or more specifically – bowls clubs and forests) of wedding season! We know it’s boring to talk about the weather, but…how good is the weather?! We’ve had a series of the most beautiful weddings, all so lucky with their sunshine and a touch of cloud, but possibly the most perfect lighting Mother Nature has ever supplied us was at the wedding of Sacha and Mick.

And lucky us – these guys opted to do a first look and get their photos all out of the way before the ceremony – so excuse the insane amount of wedding portraits you’re about to see, but with no looming deadlines, and so much flexibility, we WENT. TO. TOWN. !!!

The first look is a contentious issue for many couples, but everyone we know who has done one has been so happy with their choice. And we can’t even begin to tell you how much it rocks our lives too!

1990′s alert – remember doing nail art in primary school? Not the manicure kind. The nails-hammered-into-a-piece-of-wood-and-cotton-looped-around-the-nails type. We were SO IMPRESSED when we saw these guys had done a massive DIY nail art project and brought this serious art movement back for their special day! We call it, Nailism, and it must have been a running theme, because these guys nailed everything.

Enjoy the stunning wedding of Sacha and Mick!

Love Katie + Sarah xo


Sacha - Such an amazing day, and you two have captured it perfectly. Thank you. Gorgeous! xx

Jodi - Beautiful, so unique and yet truly Sacha and mick. Loved the bit at the start and Sacha’s big genuine smiles were captured brilliantly.

kathy - These images are breathtaking! LOVE the portrait under the tree. Gorgeous job!

Julie - Absolutely beautiful photo’s and so natural.

Over the New Year break, this is what Sarah did

Every three years or so, Justin and I and a whole bunch of our Aussie friends, go to the states for a white Christmas.

The tradition started because of a family. Long story short…when I was 17 I did a student exchange to the USA and got placed in New York. I ended up living with a host mum and dad and two host sisters. One was older, and one was younger (my entire growing up I’d longed for a sister, so I got doubly lucky) and by the end of my time in New York, they were…well…my sisters.

So of course once I got back to Australia I COULD NOT SHUT UP ABOUT THEM. Or New York (it’s a condition and you have it for life, I swear).

Two of my best mates (actually) loved my never-ending tales of New York and my American family, and so we planned a white Christmas so they could meet them.

We flew in really late at night, and I insisted we go to see my host family immediately. The boys were jet-lagged and not that keen, but I was adamant. We arrived at their apartment around midnight. My younger host sister opened the door and (I’m not even joking) my best mate John fell instantly in love with her. (My other friend Christopher was also in love with her but it was agreed that because Christopher was gay, John naturally had first dibs).

Eight years on, and scores of Australians have now spent a white Christmas with my host family. My little host sister lives in Sydney with John and they’re getting married next year, and I’m currently trying to set my older host sister up with another Aussie mate. What can I say? I have a sickness knack.

Because we’ve spent so much time in New York, Justin and I always make an effort to tick a few new places off as well. This trip we decided to hit Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in the north, and DC, Virginia, and the Carolinas in the south.

In New Hampshire we rented a massive house in the gorgeous little town of North Conway that fit all fourteen Aussies and Americans perfectly (if anyone is trying to find a perfect winter-wonderland-snow-globe of a Christmas destination, we highly recommend it!). From there we did day trips to the Ben and Jerry’s factory in Vermont, went skiing and mountain-coastering, and visited Portland Maine for its famous clam chowder.

Down south the landscape totally changed. Palm trees popped up along the roadside, the sun was shining and the skies were blue. We heard the word ‘Y’all’ a LOT. Being a teenager of the late 90′s, I was giddy when I realised we’d be driving through the fictional Dawson’s Creek town of Capeside (which is actually a town called Wilmington in North Carolina, referred to as ‘Wilmywood’ because of all the films and TV shows which have been made there – Blue Velvet, East Bound and Down, Empire Records…). Justin (a teenager of the 80′s) thought it was absolutely hilarious when, every few metres or so, I would exclaim “THAT’S WHERE JOEY WORKED!” or “THAT’S WHERE ABBY DROWNED!”

Justin’s lovely aunt lives part of the year in in Charleston South Carolina, and we had an absolute ball taking peach iced tea on the porch, and exploring the cobbled laneways lined with stunning historic homes. We attended a southern cocktail party with Justin’s aunt, ate shrimp ‘n grits at every available opportunity, and lapped up the easy sea breeze before heading back up to NYC and flying home.

As always, America in all her star spangled glory proved to be a country of extremes. By night, the TV was either filled with programming on the gun debate…or Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. By day we might be running around a 6 level warehouse participating in an avant-garde theatre show in Chelsea…or driving through tiny towns in West Virginia that time completely forgot.

My biggest tip for anyone thinking of taking a road-trip across the states? Get off the main highways, venture through the tiny towns, stay with locals wherever possible and you will see and breathe the real America.

One of my favourite moments came when we stayed with my friend Beth and her family on our way down south. She contacted me, somewhat nervously, before we arrived to say “I’m putting you in my son’s old room. But I need to warn you about something. I haven’t touched it since he moved out, and there are still posters of Kathy Ireland on the walls!”. It was one of the most spectacularly American lodging experiences I have ever had.

We’re already planning the next trip back.

Love Sarah xo