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The wedding year is kind of like the financial one. It goes from July through til May or June and for a short period over winter we get to catch our breaths before the next amazing year of weddings is upon us.

But unlike the end of financial year, wedding season provides us with one big party to capture pretty much every weekend of the year. Only after we’ve watched dozens of couples say ‘I Do’ and celebrated with them all does our accountant call us in for that depressing tax time meeting (and then the party is only temporarily over…)

Our first wedding of the new season is this Friday, starting with a friend of Sarah’s. The second is in Surrey, UK!

We have so many incredible weddings in all sorts of wonderful locations to bring you over the next year. Most exciting is our first same sex union, which we are so proud to finally be doing!

But first let’s celebrate the precious memories of the last year before we say hi to our 2013/2014 couples!

Love Katie + Sarah xo


I think Mexico has changed my life. And I am so relieved.

Back in January, I decided to go to Mexico with a gorgeous photographer friend of mine to take Mary Ellen Mark‘s workshop in Oaxaca. It had been a long time since I had done any personal photography work and it was really starting to get me down. I was in a creative rut, and there was a huge sadness that sat in me. Mexico seemed to be the solution.

Five flights later and I am in this old town nestled in a beautiful valley, with old churches on every corner. Music is playing everywhere and fire crackers go off in the main square. The food is spicy, the afternoons are hot and everyone seems to be smiling at me. And then I find myself in a room with 20 other photographers all nervous as hell about showing a world renowned photographer my personal work.

Day one of the workshop had begun, and Mary Ellen didn’t really take a liking to my photos. I was given my first assignment which I had little interest in and went home feeling totally flustered and unsure of everything I knew as a photographer. Dramatic enough for you? It was probably just the jet lag but boy oh boy, did I get a wee bit emotional. But despite that, there was no way I was going to argue with a woman who has decades of experience and a folio that would make any photographer weak at the knees. I knew she had a plan for me and I just had to shut up and do it.

The first day of shooting, my cab driver got lost. I knew no Spanish so I had absolutely no idea how I was going to make it to day two. By day ten, I couldn’t bare to leave. The people I had the privilege to meet and photograph was, hands down, the greatest experience of my life. I visited a school for kids with Downs Syndrome where I was greeted with kisses and given a spot at their lunch table. I went out to small villages to photograph families and I couldn’t get over how welcome I was made to feel wherever I went. I visited orphanages, livestock markets, watched the Luchadores (the Mexican wrestlers) and small towns preparing for fiestas. I also spent an amazing day with the Charros, the Mexican cowboys where I rode their horses, drank rum and took their portraits while their proudly showed off their roping skills.

Every day, I had no idea what was going to happen, or where I would end up. A creative freedom of immense proportions. I had the time of my life. And the sadness left.

One the last day, Mary Ellen took everyone’s portraits and on my print she wrote, “To Katie, who is always full of joy. It shows in your photographs.”

Here’s a small selection of my work, but if you want to see more, just pop over here.

Love Katie xo


  • Jess - These are beautiful. Katie, you don’t know me but I really love your and Sarah’s photography and it really moved me to hear about your urge to create and the LIFE and JOY that you found in Mexico. Amazing how many riches can be found.
    Thank you for sharing and God bless.ReplyCancel

  • Tamarin - Love these! Amazing colours, beautiful work xReplyCancel

  • Jakub - Looks like you had an amazing trip. Your portrait work is fantastic.ReplyCancel

Our blog has been a bit quiet over these winter months. We’ve been doing a wee bit of hibernating. And it’s been wonderful.

Now that we are slowly coming back out of our winter cocoons, we are hoping to share some more weddings with you.

Bryony + Richie’s wedding was in the height of Autumn, when the afternoon light is to die for and the air is crisp.

Thinking of having an Autumn wedding? Do it. Do it now!

Love Katie + Sarah xo


The other day, I went to Amber’s house to do another Sweetpea Darlingheart cake shoot! I was so pleased when she told me that she’s already booked five wedding cakes from Love Katie + Sarah readers since I posted the first shoot. You guys!

This time, Amber had made so many more cakes. She’d been baking for days and I basically got diabetes the moment I stepped into her kitchen. It was cake heaven! Don’t judge me, but I had to do everything – EVERYTHING – in my power not to, well, drool on them as I shot from above. The sweet smell of the icing, the decadent textures, the toppings…I honestly had to pretend they were fake just to get through it. It was all at once the most fun and most torturous thing I’ve ever done.

The two of us had so much fun styling each cake to give it its own little personality. Some of Amber’s most interesting cakes flavours include Pear and Maple, Honey Chai and Kaffir Lime and Lychee (lucky you didn’t judge me, because I bet you are drooling a little bit now as well!).

You can imagine my total and utter delight, when at the end of the day, Amber cut a piece out of every single cake, and sent me on my way.

I’m not ashamed to admit I made it approximately 50 metres down the street before I had one of those totally pure, human, religious cake experiences where I pulled into a shoulder of the road and STUFFED MY FACE.

And in the midst of the crazy Friday peak hour traffic, I was every bit better for it.

Love Sarah xo

PS – You too can have a cake-on-the-side-of-the-road moment by visiting

PPS – Amber has started a Sweetpea Darlingheart blog with her photography, words and recipes, and (as you would expect) it’s nothing short of absolutely beautiful and 100% addictive.