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When we imagine a wedding, we often think of a fairytale moment in two people’s lives where for one day, everything is perfect.

Up until now we’ve always blogged about weddings that happen. Weddings we witness and capture. Weddings that feel like everyone is going to live happily ever after.

But back in August, one of the most spectacular people I knew lost his battle with cancer. He’d beaten the odds once, and I think the majority of people thought this charming man would do it again. It wasn’t to be. Daniel died on August 1st, and left behind Paige, who’d planned to marry her great love on August 27th at one of their favourite places – The Fairfield Boathouse.

She had the ring. She had the dress. She knew there would be scones with jam and cream. She, like the rest of us, thought everything would be ok.

And then the sudden shocking news that Daniel had passed away.

I’ve often said the reason I have an obsession with photography is because moments are so fleeting, and I am so terrified of missing things. I often hear it in people’s voices when I say I’m a wedding photographer, they assume you’re a WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER WITH A CAPITAL W and P (we all know the type, right?). Recently it hit me when I was doing some family research and found some old photos of a family wedding from a hundred odd years ago that that’s actually what I do. I let people know this happened.

I wish I’d been able to capture Paige and Daniel’s wedding day, but the journey is just as important when it comes to showing that this happened and not just the fairytale ending.

Daniel still popped his head in for devonshire tea, which was mighty delightful 🙂

Love Sarah xo


  • Indra King

    My gosh. This brought me to tears. You look like a very strong person Paige. These photographs are beautiful. May Daniel rest in peace.ReplyCancel

  • Leigh Marshall

    They are lovely photos my darling Paige. I want every one of them. How Daniel would have ‘ruther been there with you. How we all would have wanted to share the day with you both. You are strong sweetheart, even though it may not feel it at times. Made me cry too. Inch by inch, moment by moment, hour by hour, day by day, a week at a time, the month s pass…oxoxReplyCancel

  • Julian Wearne

    Oh wow. Gorgeous, but incredibly sad photos. Half the office is teary after scrolling past the shots from our wedding and seeing these.

    Paige, you have incredible courage and I wish you the best.

    Katie and Sarah, I’m moved by your work.ReplyCancel

  • Mikaela O'Neill

    Rest in Peace Daniel. Paige you must be an incredibly strong woman. I hope you have found peace. xReplyCancel