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Penelope + Jason

Back in January, my good friends Penelope and Jason tied the knot and I was so excited to capture their ceremony. Having spoken with them both over the months they were engaged, I knew this would be a wedding unlike anything I’d ever seen before, but I didn’t really know what to expect.

Pen and Jase live right on Merri Creek in Northcote and their house backs onto lush green weeping willows, the creek (obviously), and a little bridge. One of the first questions I have when I rock up to a wedding is “Which way will the bride be coming?” so that I can position myself accordingly…but in the case of this wedding, NOBODY knew where Pen was or how she would arrive.

It wasn’t too long before the celebrant asked us to gather around the ceremony site, as the bride was on her way. All of a sudden we heard chanting off in the distance, up along the creek from what sounded like hundreds of voices, and then gradually the sound drew closer and closer and into view came the bride and her entourage, dressed to the nines, playing instruments and chanting “Penny’s getting married!!!!” Penny’s getting married!!!!”.

It was so magical.

The dress code was “Where that thing in your wardrobe that you never ever have the excuse to wear” and boy oh boy, did Pen and Jason’s guests take that on board.


Love Sarah xo