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Sacha + Mick | wedding | Abbotsford Convent

Sacha + Mick

Hello hello!!!

We are currently deep in the marshes and jungles (or more specifically – bowls clubs and forests) of wedding season! We know it’s boring to talk about the weather, but…how good is the weather?! We’ve had a series of the most beautiful weddings, all so lucky with their sunshine and a touch of cloud, but possibly the most perfect lighting Mother Nature has ever supplied us was at the wedding of Sacha and Mick.

And lucky us – these guys opted to do a first look and get their photos all out of the way before the ceremony – so excuse the insane amount of wedding portraits you’re about to see, but with no looming deadlines, and so much flexibility, we WENT. TO. TOWN. !!!

The first look is a contentious issue for many couples, but everyone we know who has done one has been so happy with their choice. And we can’t even begin to tell you how much it rocks our lives too!

1990′s alert – remember doing nail art in primary school? Not the manicure kind. The nails-hammered-into-a-piece-of-wood-and-cotton-looped-around-the-nails type. We were SO IMPRESSED when we saw these guys had done a massive DIY nail art project and brought this serious art movement back for their special day! We call it, Nailism, and it must have been a running theme, because these guys nailed everything.

Enjoy the stunning wedding of Sacha and Mick!

Love Katie + Sarah xo