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Sally + Carlo Wedding

FINALLY it’s here!

We have had such a busy November…eight weddings in total and editing up to our ears. Since shooting Sally and Carlo’s wedding, they’ve been from Melbourne to Mexico and back, and we’ve been from Melbourne to…Tasmania and back. More on that later…

For now, let me tell you about the divine Sally and Carlo.

I actually grew up with Sally in Queensland, and when I got an email months ago asking “Is this the Sarah I used to go to school with?” my mind immediately shot back to a snapshot of this little tiny girl, all gorgeous red curly hair, and a total brain. It turned out wee Sally had grown up and found herself a man and “could we meet up to discuss you and Katie photographing our wedding at Abbotsford Convent?”.

It’s truly an incredible experience to know someone since childhood and then capture such a huge moment in their lives years down the track. To think of all the various stars that had to align for Sal and Carlo’s meeting to have occured is just so magical to me. It’s as if I wanted to go back to our childhood selves and say “Sally, in twenty years, we’ll both be living in Melbourne and you’re going to marry this fabulous guy Carlo, and I’m going to be one of your photographers.” Life is such a strange beast…

Back then, we were just a couple of country kids. On this day Sally was an absolute angel. A very relaxed angel. And Carlo was…well, see for yourselves.