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Sweetpea Darling Heart

Happy weekend everyone!

Looks like we’re in for a chilly one, so while you’re snuggling up under the covers with a furry loved one (in my case, Justin AND Penelope the cat), watching the latest season of Madmen and perhaps hatching some sweet wedding plans, I thought I’d post a bright and cheery gastronomic photo shoot that I was thrilled to be part of today.

One of my best friends Amber is starting up a cake business, which is an unbelievably happy coincidence, because one of my favourite things in the world is cake! I love looking at it, eating it, and photographing it. Obviously I’ve seen a tonne of wedding cakes over the years, and my absolute favourites look like a real person made them, in a real kitchen with really fresh ingredients – basically the kind of cakes Amber has been making for all her friends and family for years. I was over the moon when she announced she was taking her baking to the wider world, she just nails it.

Her concept? To make cakes made with the best organic ingredients and a whole lot of love. The business name? Sweetpea Darling Heart.

While we were working on the shoot today, Amber said “I wanted to start this business because everyone is busy, life is crazy, and then…cake. It makes you stop and just take a moment”. I love that! And it’s so reminiscent of a wedding day – so much energy swirling around you and then…cake.

We had so much fun styling today’s shoot (and Amber’s gorgeous daughter had a lot of fun licking the leftover berry icing). Until Sweetpea Darling Heart’s website launches I thought I’d share with you these delectable images. Otherwise Sweetpea Darling Heart is open for business and you can get in touch with Amber at

Hugest congratulations Amber, we are all so in love with your cakes and are so proud of you for taking this next step!

Love Sarah xo

  • Rita

    Now I’m in love with these cakes! very rarely do I see a cake pic and think, I want a bite. With these I would like to take a sprint down the hallway and dive in with my mouth open. Gorgeous pics !ReplyCancel

  • Serena Ives

    These cakes are exactly what I’ve been looking for! Already emailed Amber 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Haha! I HIGHLY recommend her, I’ve stuffed myself full of cake this entire weekend!ReplyCancel