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The most magical children’s shop EVER.

This is a wedding blog.

It is.

(It really is).

But this post is about the most magical children’s shop you will ever enter. Ever.

It’s so magical that all who go there want the world to know. So they find themselves trying to convince their business partners that – “We should do a post about the magical CHILDREN’S SHOP on the WEDDING BLOG!! Maybe if we just post it from the perspective of “Hey! Some of the people whose weddings we shot now have babies! They need to know about the magical children’s shop!!!”

So with Katie’s permission (“Hmm, yeah, I guess it could work, Sarah…just really stress the bit about all the babies that our couples are having…”) here is a small peek into Epoche, Kallista.

Epoche has been in operation for around eight years, but recently extended from a tiny hidden shop at the back of some other shops, to connect up to the main street. Since then, the heart and soul behind the magic (a most amazing lady called Mirakye) has seen more and more people discover her amazing space. I popped in on its first day open after the renovations and it was there amongst the gasps and awe from all the customers that I asked if I could blog about the shop through Love Katie and Sarah. Mirakye kindly agreed and I am so happy to be finally sharing these images (they were taken back at Christmas…might explain how nutty wedding season has been!).

A warning, though…Epoche is basically Enid Blyton land. All who enter magically ovulate upon arrival, and upon leaving, they find themselves buying pairs of strawberry shoes for their future children – “Just in case when I eventually have kids they’ve sold out…”

Love Sarah xo