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Winnie + Marcus’s Heide Museum Wedding

Winnie + Marcus were married at Heide in a wedding ceremony and reception that felt different to anything we have ever done. To quote Marcus – “Every time we thought about things you might do in a traditional wedding, we decided to go in the complete opposite direction.”

And it not only worked, but pretty much blew our minds.

From the ‘dripping’ effect of the incredible flowers by Flower Temple, and styling elements from Dot Dot Dash, to the hand dipped black feathers that hung from the roof over the dance floor. From their incredibly put together outfits to the barely lit first dance, piece by piece this wedding came together in the most unexpected of ways. But at the heart of everything, was the incredible concept of ‘home’.

“…When I sit at work, which is in a highrise building in the city, there is a particular time of afternoon where the sun hits the building opposite me, and it looks as though it’s suspended in space and time. I can see other people working, and I wonder if they can see me. I watch them, I think about them, their lives, and what it’s like when they leave that office building. Who do they go home to after that long stressful day at the office? All I know is that no matter what happens in life, whether it be in that building, or away from that building, I am always ok, because Winnie is my home”. 

Love Katie + Sarah xo